Monday, January 29, 2007

Indoor casa de barro

the fire place is indeed an important piece of cob sculpture.
I follow scrupulously the Rumford design by shaping the inside part using a foam board that will be easily scraped out later
the result is an efficient chimney

for the final touch, indoor plastering, I tried several formulas until I got it right.

mixing white sand, white kaolin clay, local red clay, casein paint and flour paste—I reached a soft, velvet, clear surface

the reciprocal roof combined with the long column of the chimney have given me greater satisfaction than I had expected. with little fire, the heat is intense and the smoke is sucked up straight out of the room.

here is the ceramic bowl for my odor free compost toilet, fired in my neighbors oven

there is a stained glass window made with cob, which I started over a flat surface with a metal frame and sticky cob


Anonymous said...

Aimee, is this a vacation home for you, or a full-time residence?

DawnSierra said...

Beautiful home! :D
I was wondering.. how in the world did you come up with an odor free compost toilet?
If I could convince my husband we could someday have a compost toilet that wasn't stinky.. he might be interested. lol