Saturday, January 27, 2007

raising the walls

I had a family visit in june, daughters Laurence and Ana, son Brad, grand sons Sean et Cedric

so we had fun with a collective bare foot stomp in mud,
Sean and Cedric, were very happy,
and momentarily felt like Hobbits

a wood frame to pour the bed base in cob,

I used crystal blue plates for the bathroom wall,

instead of using “corbel cob” for building arches and shelves, I prefer to make wood crafted form and press the cob around,so I made door and window arches, etc.

since water is rare, it is the perfect situation for a compost toilet.

the visible 4” black pipe is for an air fan extractor that will be integrated into the cob wall,

Sergio maintained the clay very wet, so we could get some out at any time, when needed to add to the batch,

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